References | Texas Special Children's Projects

Thank you for our trip to Moody Gardens (2019). Because of you (TSCP) we can continue changing the lives of the disabled.

- E. Aguirre - New Danville

I am writing to express our gratitude for a wonderful trip to Moody Gardens (2019). One of our guys could not wait for me to see his photo taken on the boat. Hed had a great time and will never forget what he saw and experienced this summer with Texas Special Children's Projects.

- L. Hopper - Lufkin State Supported Living Center

Thanks for always making our parties more fun. The 4th of July fireworks show, karaoke and entertainment was great.

- V. McGraw - Truman W. Smith Children Care Center

Thanks for making our events that much better. We love and appreciate you foreverything you do, You have our seal of approval.

- Residents and staff Truman W. Smith Children Care Ctr.

Thank you so much for your support of our "Child Life Department". Patient entertainment signifigantlycontributes to the overall quality of experience while at the Hospital. Your help to our outstanding "Child Life team" brings more positive experiences to patients.

- Judy Chavez Child Life Dept. Shrines Hospital for Children Galveston

Thank you for the marvelous trip to NASA the clients learned a lot and had a fantastic time.

- Enid Goodman Bridgewood Farms Ctr.

As you know we are a 24 hr. residential svc. facility for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are so grateful to Texas Special Children's Projects as you bring joy and happiness to the 300 residents served! We always look forward to seeing you.

- Volunteer Svc. Council Lufkin Supported Living Ctr.

I am sure you are aware, funds to support individuals with developmental disorders are very tight. The all inclusive paid outing to NASA is a rare opportunity that will benefit our individuals immensely.

- Stephanie Carmona- The Sunshine Center

Thank you so much, you are amazing people, doing God's work and the goodness is sure to come back to you tenfold.

- Deborah Middlebrook & Clients- Champagne House Inc.

On behalf of the Longview Regional Medial Center Auxilliary Volunteers, we applaud the service you provide to the community and appreciate the opportunity to support this worthwhile cause.

- Longview Regional Medial Center Auxilliary Volunteers

I can never begin to thank you for all the volunteer hours you have donated to our facility. You have donated your talents and a lot of love and have truly brought sunshine and smiles to our special folks who make this their home.

- Judy Finch, Summer Meadows

Thanks for your tickets to the Caldwell Zoo. This trip was a wonderful outing for the girls in our care. Without your generous gift, the girls might have missed this summer event.

- M. Beasley, East TX Open Door

Evergreen sends a heartfelt appreciation for your involvement with us. Our trip to the Discovery Place and lunch at TLC was so generous. We appreciate your time, efforts, and energy to provide our residents with the "extras" in life that add so much to their enjoyment.

- Linda Bailey, Executive Director Evergreen (Special Needs) Ministries, Texarkana