About TSCP | Texas Special Children's Projects

About TSCP

Mission Statement
To enrich the lives of handicapped disabled and special needs individuals by providing quality recreational, entertainment and activity projects year-round.

Current Board of Directors
David Hanshaw
Billy C. Hill
Greg Gaddy

Jennifer Poole
John Owen

Board meetings are held once monthly.

The mission of Texas Special Children’s Projects, Inc. has always been to provide (at no cost to the participants) entertainment, recreational and activity programs to handicapped and special needs persons. In past projects, we have dealt with mentally disabled (e.g. Downs Syndrome, Autism, Alzheimer’s, etc.). Whether they are 3 or 93, they will always remain children of the Creator; hence the name – Texas Special Children’s Project.

We have conducted handicapped visitations shows or events in the following cities in Texas: Longview, Galveston, Henderson, Ft. Worth, Texarkana, Center, Kilgore, Marshall, and Conroe.

Texas Special Children’s Projects, Inc. has cultivated a special group of clients and we continue to get more requests. If you know a group or individual that could benefit from our services, please contact us.